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company news about Knowledge of steptile installation and some notes for your reference

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China RFM Cold Rolling Forming Machinery certification
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Company News
Knowledge of steptile installation and some notes for your reference
Latest company news about Knowledge of steptile installation and some notes for your reference

Knowledge of steptile installation and some notes for your reference:

Question: What is the proper slope of glazed tile roof? What preventive measures are there?

It is known to all that the roofs of self built houses are basically made of tiles, among which glazed tiles are more popular. Do you know the proper slope of glazed tiles on rural roofs? What are the precautions for installing glazed tiles?

step tile installation

Some suggestions:

The gradient of glazed tiles should be 30 degrees. It is rainy in the some places, and the gradient can be increased to 35 or 40. If the place is dry, so it is suitable. According to the old carpenter, there should be one-third and a half of water, that is, the height of one meter should be 35cm. For example, if the distance between the ridge and the eaves is 4 meters, the height difference between the eaves and the ridge should be 1.4 meters.

installation of steptile


How to do the installation of step tile?

1. Base course treatment: make the roof leveling layer according to the construction requirements and do a good job of waterproof.

2. Longitudinal setting out: mark the spacing of vertical tiles correctly with ink lines, and try to be within the effective size range according to the construction drawings, with the principle of not cutting tiles.

3. Tile laying sequence: from the cornice full tile, full face tube, smooth tile, main line shield tile, kiss head, straight ridge, smooth tube to the top, oblique ridge to straight ridge, closing or corner mouth, tile seam or ridge sewing color paste, and thoroughly clean the tile surface.

4. The inclined ridge shall be constructed according to the parabolic requirements of the drawing. The flat ridge shall be installed flat and straight, and the curvature curve must be smooth.

Some attentions for installation of steptile:

1. Glazed tiles are now mostly used for decoration, and must be carefully checked before construction. The specification, appearance and glaze surface of glazed tiles must be carefully checked. Any damaged glazed tiles shall not be used again.

2. Before pasting the roof, the construction site must be thoroughly cleaned. Only in this way can the glazed tiles be installed firmly and smoothly.

3. Remember to connect the main tile with the ridge tile to avoid rainwater intrusion.

4. Do not bump during construction. The paved glazed tiles should be handled carefully so as not to affect the overall effect.

5. The construction of glazed tiles is a high-altitude operation, which must be carried out in strict accordance with the construction requirements to avoid safety accidents.

6. After the installation of glazed tiles on the whole roof, it is recommended to use cotton yarn to clean each tile surface, which is more conducive to maintaining the brightness and color of glazed tiles.


If you need the steptile rolling forming machine, we have various design for your reference:

drawing profile of step tile

steptile rolling forming machine


Zhongtuo metal step tile rolling forming machine working video for your reference:


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